9 Awesome (and brilliantly cheesy) Christmas decorations for your camper or car


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As a Brit currently living in Australia, the whole hot Christmas thing is something I can’t wrap my head around. Looking at Christmas trees in the middle of Sydney whilst wearing shorts just doesn’t make sense. At least being in a city does provide some Christmas vibe though, but what about all you lucky people all over the world living the van life dream over the holidays? Sure, you have the open roads, beautiful forests, beaches or snowy mountains at your van doorstep…*keeps daydreaming* but without a house to decorate and a tree to put up, you might be lacking on the festive feels somewhat. Well, worry not because I’ve got the perfect ways to bring a bit of Christmas jazziness right to your little mobile home!

I’ve put together a list of awesome Christmas decorations for your camper that are perfect for sprucing up your van or car. Now, some people might call it tacky, but if there’s one time of the year where you can go all out, this is it!

Tips for decorating your campervan or car camper

  • Keep them small – As tempting as you may find it to buy one of those huge inflatable Santa’s or big flashing Christmas lights, the sad reality is that you’re just not going to have the physical space for it.
  • Buy battery powered items: This is a no-brainer if you actually want to be able to use the things you’ve bought!
  • Don’t obstruct your windows and mirrors: Safety first people! And the last thing you want is to be pulled over by the Police…
  • Be considerate of others around you: Whilst you might love going all out at Christmas, your campsite neighbours might not be as happy with your crazy flashing lights blinding them all night long.

Where to buy Christmas decorations from

Before we get into the list of awesome things you can buy, I thought it would be handy to go through some shops where you can actually find affordable Christmas decorations. All the items I’ve listed below are from Amazon but depending on where you are in the world, there are some other great shops to pick up affordable Christmas items.

Amazon is a great source for pretty much everything, covers so many countries, and more often than not, has variations of the same thing you’re looking for so you’ll get plenty of choices. To top it off, they also have Amazon Prime which means you can get next day delivery on lots of items.

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Kmart has an awesome Christmas collection so if you’re in a city, I would recommend checking out here. I believe they are in Australia and the USA so if you’re in either of these places, be sure to check the stores out!

Big W in Australia is similar to Kmart and has a huge selection of decorations to choose from at a really affordable price. You can find a Big W store in most cities as well.

Wilko is the UK version of Kmart and Big W (if you’re brave enough to be camping through a British winter) and always has loads of Christmas things in there, again, at a really affordable price.

Are you planning an epic roadtrip this Christmas? Being away from home this time of year can be so different but I've got the perfect way to bring a bit of Christmas into your mobile home. Here are 9 awesome Christmas decorations for your camper or car #christmasdecorations #cardecorations #christmasroadtrips #howtodecorateyourcamper #christmasideas #christmastravel

Decorations ideas for your camper van or car

1. Battery powered fairy lights

Fairy lights are such an easy way to brighten up your van anyway, but you gotta get some of these cute Christmas ones for the holidays! These Santa ones are a nice small set as well as these snowman and gingerbread men lights, but I absolutely love this reindeer set!

2. Dashboard decorations

Ok, these are hilariously tacky but I love them! These little dashboard pals will stick to your dashboard and wobble away as you drive. They are also solar powered so no batteries are needed for this one. If you’re travelling with a convoy then you can share this set of 4 with your mates.

3. Window stickers

Window stickers are another easy way to decorate your van, especially if you have a lot of windows to cover. I really like these ones that look like their hanging down from the windows, but there are tonnes of smaller sets and also gel stickers which peel off a bit easier after Christmas has finished.

4. Epic Christmas playlists

Ok, I’m definitely one of those people singing their heads off horrendously when in the car so this is a complete no-brainer for me! Depending on how retro your car is, whacking on a Christmas CD or playlist is the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit and to get a bit of awfully brilliant in-car karaoke going on. Amazon has a massive selection which you can take a look at here, whether you’re more into the classics, the pop songs or a good old bit of the Bublé.

5. Christmas air freshner

Without meaning to sound weird, Christmas definitely has it’s own smell. From the mulled wine to the mince pies and the smell of leaves all over the ground, so why not add a little bit of that into your camper? Yankee Candle air fresheners are AMAZING and the only ones I’ve ever used that actually smell nice and, well, not just like a car air freshener. In true Yankee candle style, they have a specific Christmas selection available which I love. And they also do a decent job of hiding the smell of your ever-mounting laundry pile you’ve got shoved somewhere in the van.


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6. Mini Christmas Tree

Because Christmas isn’t Christmas without a tree right? Obviously, you can’t have a full blown tree inside your van and definitely not if you’re camping in your car, but these little table top ones still give you a bit of something. I love this one that comes with tiny decorations and even a little set of fairy lights to put onto your mini tree. How cute!

7. Reindeer antlers… for your car!

I’m pulling out the big guns here! Common’ now, when else are you going to get to do this? These babies just clip onto your windows and to the front grill of your car, so it can go from zero to reindeer in a matter of seconds!

8. Festive Bedding

It doesn’t matter if it’s 40 degrees Celcius outside, Christmas bedding just feels super cosy and therefore Christmassy. Target has an awesome selection to choose from, and Kmart has some really great cushions if you don’t want to go as far as a whole new set of sheets.

9. Christmas stocking

If you’re backpacking then chances are, you’re travelling on a budget and living the van life not only means sticking to a budget but also that you don’t have anywhere to hide and wrap up presents if you’re travelling with your friends or partner. However, having a Christmas stocking to hang up is not only super festive, but it also means you have somewhere to put little gifts for your pals or loved one, ready for Christmas day.

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Are you planning an epic roadtrip this Christmas? Being away from home this time of year can be so different but I've got the perfect way to bring a bit of Christmas into your mobile home. Here are 9 awesome Christmas decorations for your camper or car #christmasdecorations #cardecorations #christmasroadtrips #howtodecorateyourcamper #christmasideas #christmastravel

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