Hi, I’m Laura! Down-to-earth and incredibly normal but with a huge passion for travel!


From staycations to around the world trips, I have seen over 25 countries. I have travelled for 8 months and at the opposite end, I have visited places for 24 hours. I saved to go travelling by working in a supermarket and since I returned I have dumped myself into office jobs. But these have allowed me to again save up and head off to Australia on a working holiday visa, something that has definitely been the best decision I’ve made.

My travel addiction was routed into me from a young age when I first went to visit family in the US at the tiny age of 2. From then on, I think every year I went on family holidays abroad and closer to home in the UK. Then I found myself to be 21, finishing university and wondering what the hell I was gonna do with myself. So like many other newly graduated lost puppy students, I grabbed my friend, bought a backpack and went on my merry way around the world.

Ever since this trip I just can’t shake travelling out my system, which is why I’ve gone to Australia for a working holiday. Travel is what pushes my buttons, and spending time working in low-paying office jobs, some with bars on the windows (not even kidding here) has seriously made me re-evaluate what I want to do.  I’ve come to realise that other than travelling, I don’t really know what I like. Travel is my passion and this is why I love creating content for you guys. I want you to love travel as much as I do.

My Mission…


The mission of Escapes Etc is simple – to provide relatable, down to earth, inspirational guides to help you plan your trips and travels. It’s a place for the perfect medium of affordability and gaining the most unique and quirky experiences to make a trip even more memorable.

My Aussie adventures so far:


Australia is my current base and has captured my heart as much as it did when I was travelling around the world a few years ago. Check out some of my guides here:

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And some guides from the rest of the world…


From waterfalls in the Philippines, Northern Lights in Iceland and sleeping on the beach in Samoa, I have been lucky enough to visit over 20 countries and I don’t intend to stop. Here are some of my budget guides for my favorite destinations:

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