Hi! I’m Laura – down to earth and incredibly normal but with a big travel addiction…


 But unfortunately a not-so-big travel budget!


Does this sound like you? Fear not! My goal is simple: to show that everyone can travel and you don’t need a tonne of money for it.

How do I know this?


From staycations to round the world trips, I have seen over 25 countries. I have travelled for 8 months and at the opposite end, I have visited places for 24 hours. I saved to go travelling by working in a supermarket and since I returned I have dumped myself into office jobs. But these have allowed me to again save up and head off to Australia on a working holiday visa! As I’m sure you can tell the calibre of my jobs, I’m not exactly swimming in money, but still, I am able to choose to travel when I want to.

My travel addiction was routed into me from a young age when I first went to visit family in the US at the tiny age of 2. From then on, I think every year I went on family holidays abroad and closer to home in the UK.

Then I found myself to be 21, finishing university and wondering what the hell I was gonna do with myself. So like many other newly graduated lost puppy students, I grabbed my friend, bought a backpack and went on my merry way around the world.

Ever since this trip I just can’t shake travelling out my system, which is why I’ve gone to Australia for a working holiday. Travel is what pushes my buttons, and spending time working in low-paying office jobs, some with bars on the windows (not even kidding here) has seriously made me re-evaluate what I want to do. Life is bloody short, so if I wanna travel, I’m gonna travel! So, thank you crappy office jobs for this!

I’ve come to realise that other than travelling, I don’t really know what I like, so I just figured, hey, why not stick with that then! It’s uncomplicated and oh-so-simple, but why shouldn’t it be? I prioritise travel and make it happen- and that’s the basis of all my trips!

And so Escapes Etc came about, to show that travel isn’t complicated, can be done on a modest budget and is 100% for everyone!


Don’t get me wrong, each time I’m milliseconds away from hitting the ‘book now’ button, I have a moment of panic and doubt. But look, I’ve done it loads so you can too. Life is too short to think rather than do, so if you even have an ounce of curiosity about travelling, go for it!

I believe that travel is simple. There isn’t really a right way or a wrong way to do it. If you want to go to the places and see the things that are labelled as ‘touristy’ then do it. If you want to go off the beaten track and step where no one has before then go for it. Or if you want to do both or anything in-between then hit it!

If you’re looking for an outlandish, luxurious jet-setter, sharing deep and meaningful ponderings from around the world then you’re going to be disappointed. But if you want inspiring, straightforward, down to earth tips and tricks for travelling affordably to destinations around the world, then welcome!